Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fairy House Play DIY

Tree House for small world play

So I decided with how much the children loved fairies that I would make them a "fairy house".  But I don't want it to be just for fairies.  So I purchased some Waldorf style people from Amazon, and soon we will have little people to play in the tree house.  We will put some tiny clothes on them and away their imaginations can go!  So much social play happens, and learning to share and take turns happens quite naturally while playing beside each other when their are plenty of dolls to include and the house is big enough.   :) 

So if you want to build one for the children in your life, break out some tree cookies, and small branch pieces for spacers between floors, and some wood glue, and get ready to hold and and prop up for a while.  Ours has Oak, Cedar, Camphor, and Birch pieces put together to form the tree house. 

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