Sunday, April 5, 2020

Let's Go On A Nature Hunt

Let's go on a nature hunt!

Want to entertain your children as well as have some educational fun?  Try a nature hunt!  I was just noticing the intricate details in the way God created each and every plant differently.  The shape of leaves, the texture of leaves, even the coating on leaves.  Take your children on a nature hunt to explore different leaves and how rain collects on them.  I'm writing about using leaves but this could be used to explore anything.  Leaves, stems, bark, flowers, plants, trees, the rings on a stump, could all be great things to explore.

Here are a few different ways you could explore this.

1.  Simply go outside after it has rained and slowly look at each plant you can find with a magnifying glass to see how the water pools on the leaves, beads on the leaves, or runs off the leaves.

2.  Go outside ahead of your children, take pictures close up of different leaves then have your children go outside and try to find the leaves or plants where the pictures came from.

3.  Have your children go outside with a camera or a phone camera to take close up pictures of plants that take their fancy.  Print the pictures, use magnifying glasses to explore the pictures further.

As you look at each leaf, notice the veins of the leaf.  Note the color, the texture, and if it is soft, smooth, waxy, or rough. Turn the leaf over and note what you find there.  Does the leaf have any holes (hungry caterpillars?). Depending on the age of your child, have them draw a picture of what they find, or have them draw a picture and write their findings.  Paint a picture of what is found.  Or, put thin paper over a leaf and use a crayon that has been peeled to do a rubbing.

There are so many variations of textures and colors available to study in nature.  Go outside on a rainy day to explore.  Go outside on a sunny day to explore.  As you go, go with curiosity like children.  Walk around with fresh eyes for the beauty available in nature.

Begin or follow up with a story.  This one is a fun story about an adventure while looking for nature. 

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